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Lawn Maintenance with no hidden fees

The “Devil is in the Details”

One of the stresses of working with a contractor is dealing with unexpected costs and hidden fees after the work has been done. You just assumed those things were included in the estimate or maybe you didn’t know they were going to do those things at all! You have a budget and hope for honesty and integrity when it comes to your bill being the amount you were initially quoted for the job.

Good, reputable companies like HHS Contracting Inc. in Edmonton will set your mind at ease with their devotion to the details. They offer residential and commercial property maintenance services including lawn care and snow removal services. If they say the price for the job is all-inclusive, you can bet on paying that price at the end of the contract term with no hidden fees.

For example, their all-inclusive lawn maintenance package is actually all-inclusive in the price you pay. They don’t sign up customers for lawn cutting and then bill extra for bagging, fertilizer or power raking. Plus, the packages are fully customizable so you don’t pay for services you don’t even want.

They also guarantee flat rate pricing which would cover your lawn maintenance for the entire spring, summer and fall seasons. There are no hidden costs or extra visit charges if your lawn grows taller and faster one month over the others. An all-inclusive flat rate means the cutting, bagging and debris removal charges are the same every month, even if more labour and materials are required to do the job.

All of these details are included in a comprehensive written contract. Verbal contracts should be avoided. Your written contract will be simple and straight forward, stating the details of the work the company will do for you, when they will do it and at what cost. You should also beware of continual contracts that automatically renew season after season. You could end up getting invoices come spring, without actually wanting that company to continue their services another season.

HHS Contracting Inc. makes sure their customers sign a new contract every year and have a no-auto renew clause in their Terms and Conditions, which are publicly posted on their website. These Terms and Conditions also ensure that you as a property owner are safe, will be taken care of and know exactly what to expect from the company you’ve hired.

It’s time to think about lawn maintenance.

Spring is fast approaching and it is already time to start considering your yard and lawn maintenance. Keeping your lawn healthy, nurtured and vibrantly green requires a lot of time, equipment and labour. According to industry research, the average home owner takes 95 minutes per week maintaining their lawn throughout the season. That means you could spend nearly a full work week working on your lawn in one season. Save yourself the time and labour by hiring an experience professional lawn maintenance company like HHS Contracting Inc. in Edmonton.

Integrity pricing, honest customer service and quality workmanship has earned HHS Contracting a good reputation and strong customer satisfaction. It’s no surprised that they’ve achieved RenovationFind accreditation, and are one of Edmonton’s Best Lawn Care & Maintenance Companies.

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