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Advantages of hiring a lawn maintenance company

A healthy lawn improves curb appeal, shows pride in ownership and can make your yard a more enjoyable outdoor living space. We all want to have a lush and green lawn, but committing time and resources to proper lawn maintenance can be a challenge. Hiring a professional property and lawn maintenance company like HHS Contracting Inc. in Edmonton is the best way to keep your lawn looking great all season long, no matter how busy you get!

Here are some advantages to hiring a lawn care and maintenance company:

You will save time.

The biggest challenge to maintaining your lawn and yard is finding the time to do it…and doing it properly does take time.

“According to industry research, the average person takes 95 minutes, once per week to maintain their lawn throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall months. This means property owners spend nearly a full work week (38 hours) on their lawn maintenance annually. What could you do with that time?” asks HHC Contracting Inc.

Proper lawn maintenance includes regular mowing, fertilizing, watering and weeding. If you have an issue with insects or really aggressive weeds, you could have your work cut out for you. Hiring a company like HHS Contracting Inc. will give you more free time so you can spend it doing the things you enjoy, like spending time relaxing in your beautiful, lush yard.

They have the expertise.

Lawn care seems pretty simple, but there are some yard maintenance mistakes that can result in a complete disaster! For example, using the wrong fertilizer and weed killer, or too much of either of those things, can completely destroy your lawn. Lawn maintenance companies have the knowledge and experience to care for your lawn properly, and that includes knowing what tools and products to use. If you have trouble spots on your lawn, like weed growth or dead patches, they’ll have the best solution to ensure a lush, green and healthy lawn. They will also know exactly what needs to be done to your lawn throughout the difference seasons. Read DIY Disaster – Common Yard Maintenance Mistakes.

They have the right equipment.

Lawn maintenance takes a lot of equipment, especially if you want to do it right. Lawn care professionals will have everything required including power rakes, aerators, mowers, trimmers and edging tools. Unless you own these tools, you will have to rent them or borrow them. Save yourself the hassle and let the professionals take care of it for you.

They offer all-inclusive lawn maintenance services.

HHS Contracting Inc. offers all-inclusive service packages for residential lawn and yard care that include fertilizer applications, weed control, power raking, core aeration, bagging and removal of debris, Hi-Vac cutting, lawn cutting and trimming, edging, light trash pick-up and even bush, tree and hedge pruning.

Plus, you can be sure that their all-inclusive lawn maintenance packages are actually all-inclusive in the price you pay. They don’t sign up customers for lawn cutting and then bill extra for bagging, fertilizer or power raking. Plus, the packages are fully customizable so you don’t pay for services you don’t even want.

They also guarantee flat rate pricing which would cover your lawn maintenance for the entire spring, summer and fall seasons. There are no hidden costs or extra visit charges if your lawn grows taller and faster one month over the others. An all-inclusive flat rate means the cutting, bagging and debris removal charges are the same every month, even if more labour and materials are required to do the job.

Edmonton Lawn Care & Maintenance

HHS Contracting is a property maintenance company serving Edmonton and surrounding communities. They offer a wide range of services for all seasons to both residential, industrial and commercial customers.

Their company has been built on the concept of creating long-term relationships with their customers through exceptional care, quality of work and professionalism. They are a leader in the industry, they put price integrity ahead of profits with their All-Inclusive Service Packages – complete property lawn maintenance with no hidden fees or end of season extras and completely transparent contracts with no auto-renew clauses.

Integrity pricing, honest customer service and quality workmanship has earned HHS Contracting a good reputation and strong customer satisfaction. It’s no surprised that they’ve achieved RenovationFind accreditation, and are one of Edmonton’s Best Lawn Care & Maintenance Companies.

Schedule your regular lawn maintenance for the spring. Contact HHS Contracting!

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